About Johnson & Laird

Johnson and Laird are NZ’s leading Talent Agency, representing New Zealand and Australia’s best actors, voice talent, MC’s/entertainers/speakers/presenters and social talent. We provide a proactive and creative approach to representing our talent, dedicated to finding the perfect match for clients to satisfy their needs.

Our books are split into clear divisions (actors, voice talent, MC’s/entertainers/speakers/presenters and social talent) with each being managed by a Senior Talent Agent and Business Development Manager who proactively service and saturate this particular market sector (whether that be Advertising, Corporate or Acting – domestic and/or international).

We therefore cater for our clients individual needs and they determine and instruct us on what division is suitable for what they require. Some sit in one division, others in all four. It’s all about them.

We’ve forged strong connections with some of the world’s top talent and management agencies, and our agents travel to Los Angeles, New York, London, Australia to service these associations.

We know the entertainment business, and we have an outstanding reputation within it. Our clientele are talented, in-demand artists who benefit from our wide range of corporate and media contacts and our extensive experience in management, sponsorship, publicity, entertainment law and journalism.

Johnson & Laird founder and manager Imogen Johnson has nearly 25 years of professional experience in public relations, sales and artist talent management. After four years as account director for a blue chip London company, she returned to New Zealand and became a senior actor and voice talent agent in Auckland. She set up Johnson & Laird in 2002. Imogen has a Masters Degree in English and Art History.

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Johnson & Laird is a founding member of AAANZ and a founding patron of the Silo Theatre.